what’s the French word for…

My beautiful, intelligent, blonde daughter went to visit my sister who lives in Provence France. While there she asked my sister “What’s the French word for croissant?”


Why can’t witches have babies? Read the rest of this entry »

from horror to terror — halloween

The TV was a big black and white unit and the lights were low and flickering, painting our faces in shadow and light. Read the rest of this entry »

don’t play with…. – poem / limerick

A limmerick from back in the 1970’s in tribute to Dan
who missed Senior Prom for a reason that was not discussed… much<
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from predator to santa claus ? – cycling

I admit my beard may have a trace of grey, well mostly grey but… Read the rest of this entry »

romance and life

Did you ever notice how life always intrudes on romance? Read the rest of this entry »

mosquito – poem

In which it is discovered a broken hand one day out of the splint is not quite healed. Read the rest of this entry »

cycling — poem

It was 93 when we set off for a 30 plus mile ride at 10:26 Read the rest of this entry »

licensing bureau

Two limericks about waiting to renew my driver’s license. Nobody can make
you wait like the state.


The license allows you to drive
As long as they think you’re alive
But if you look like you’re dead
No matter what’s said
You’ll only get one with a bribe


The computer was running so slow
As to why, no one else seems to know
So I sit and I wait
While it determines my fate
‘Till they tell me it’s OK to go


homonyms and homophones

I get confused you may have herd,
on how to use the English words.
I never was much good in class
especially when it came to math

The principle struck me with fear
When he looked at me and said “come hear”
For when won plus won is always too
seems wrong to me, how ’bout to ewe?

And the rest of life has not been easy
so many things that make me queasy
But I don’t give up or worse give in
I’m my father’s sun through thick and thin

Someday I’ll find the perfect job
one that won’t make me shake and sob
Perhaps true love will assuage my fears
When I find and wed that perfect deer.

Some days are just silly days.