older and better

Sifu Mohr once said that we needed to strive to improve all our lives. We looked at him uncomprehendingly, eventually we would age and fail. In the senior instructor’s class our goal was always to train harder, be fiercer, stronger, more powerful. Master Mohr taught us that there is the hard and the soft, the perfect positioning of the arm for a block, flawless footwork, unshakable balance, anticipation and flow. The hard skills will always wane in time, but the soft skills can be honed as long as we are willing.

It’s been a lifetime since I was a martial artist and this is a lesson which took decades to learn. Where else can I better my mind, my spirit, my body, for when we cease to grow, we start to die. While part of me diminishes, I can continue to strive for wisdom, to love better.

There are doors in life that I would have bashed down that I now knock and ask permission to enter. Is that not improvement ?