Cancer is graded in four stages, 1 and 2 which are contained within the organ and are very likely cured by surgery,  with 3 meaning the cancer has jumped, and 4 meaning it has metastasized into other organs.

Hope beyond hope had left me believing my cancer was stage 1 or 2, so I was surprised  to learn it was a stage three.

The cancer moved out of the thyroid into at least one lymph node and some surrounding muscle tissue.

A 1 or 2 would leave me in the 95% cure rate group, and a 3 puts me in the 5% of outliers.  Yikes!

This revelation on Wednesday stunned me, But I am pleased to announce that I am back kicken and cussin!

Recent conversation with the surgeon,

Me: “Can I ride my bike now?”

Dr D: “I prefer you wait until next week”

Me: “I  started the day after surgery”

Dr D: “OK, ride your bike”.

Me: “Can I lift weights now”

Dr D: “How about one more week”

Oops!   Shoveled snow today. It felt great to work up a sweat!  Light lifting, here I come!

Disclaimer:  If I didn’t feel so well, I would not have pushed it. I am an old hand at injuries from 15 years of rugby, but you need to listen to your body and heed what it tells you.