the art of Sushi – food

We live about as far from the coast as one can get ( Chicagoland ) but Naperville has some excellent sushi restaurants. There are three, that form the Sushi-trinity near by and we try to alternate between them when heading out for lunch. This week it was Sushi House in Warrensville. It’s a small place but really provides excellent food.

We started out with a tempura roll, which includes battered shrimp in the center. It’s crunchy and tasty.

Tempura in sushi - isn't that cheating

Tempura in sushi – isn’t that cheating

Next we had smoked salmon and Unagi ( barbequed eel ) – I have to admit the eel is my favorite of all time, one of those “last meal” type of flavors.

Smoked salmon and bbq eel

Smoked salmon and bbq eel

Being hockey season, we had to try their special “Black Hawk Roll” which featured the team colors in roe on top.

in the team colors with roe on top

in the team colors with roe on top

In celebration of spring we tried the “winter/spring” roll – artistically my favorite, it was almost sad to devour it, but we did, with gusto. Squid on the outside, spicy tuna and avacado on the inside, and roe providing the spring buds on top.

my favorite in presentation

my favorite in presentation

For the finale, a bit of ice cream, two mochi balls with a touch of chocolate sauce.

Mochi - little ice cream balls wrapped in a sweet rice dough.

Mochi – little ice cream balls wrapped in a sweet rice dough.

food as art

Shinto in Naperville Il… excellent preparation, lovely flavor.

This picture shows a caterpillar roll and a tempura roll, beautifully prepared.
Missing is the red tuna presented in the shape of a flower. Each serving unwraps the rose. The whole meal, green tea, edemame tender and lightly salted, sashimi of yellow tuna and white tuna and a spicy tuna roll.

tempura and caterpillar roll food as art

Expensive, yes. Value, absolutely.
When you fall off the vegan wagon, it ought to be for something as good as this…