the publican – food

My youngest favorite ( as opposed to my oldest favorite ) daughter found a restaurant, and it took her about a year to convince me to visit it with her. How sad we can never recapture those lost days. The restaurant is “The Publican” and it is one of the fine places in Chicago to dine.

The first time we visited we sat in the public seating, row tables where you sit elbow to elbow with whoever happens to occupy the adjacent seat. That day we sat next to a single English lady who was visiting a friend here. She told us confidentially, “My son’s a chef in England and he said if you had to eat at one place in Chicago, it’s The Publican.” I don’t think I can say it better than that.

The Publican is famous for three things, oysters ( which I generally avoid ), Belgian French Fries ( cooked in duck fat which I adore ), and pork belly ( cooked in wonderful sauces which is irresistible. )

Here’s some recent fare:

Fries Cooked in Duck Fat, eggs with  a soft yoke...

Fries cooked in duck fat, eggs with a soft yoke…

mussels in a white wine sauce with toast to soak up the juice...

mussels in a white wine sauce with toast to soak up the juice…

delectable pork belly

delectable pork belly

Beets were served with crumbled cheese and nuts and a blueberry sauce, ( but that was eaten before a picture could be snapped. )

If you get the chance, The Publican is worth a stop.