no one really knows

No one really knows, especially your doctor.  Miracles occur, sometimes like skilled surgery, but follow up treatment for this cancer is like Sherman marching through Georgia, scorched earth and hope we got it.

With papillary cancer, the treatment is radioactive ablation, short for try to kill the cancer cells, and hope the cure doesn’t cause other long term problems.

When you finish the treatment, you might be left with a metallic taste in your mouth.   How long does it last? Well it should go away, eventually.  Or your left saliva gland might not work.  Will it come back, maybe.  What about the soreness in my neck, up by my chin.  Does that mean the cancer was up in the lymph glands there too?  Not sure.

When should I come back in?  Wait six weeks, get a blood test, come in for a visit then.  I wait.  Per my plan, this battle happens on the cellular level and I am just along for the ride, so there is not much I can do.  I am eating healthily, assuming all treatments worked as expected and generally positive.  After all the doctor knows, sort of.